Titanic Actress Kate Winslet has filed for divorce for being Immature !!

Titanic Actress Kate Winslet has filed for divorce

Kate Winslet, Titanic

The Titanic actress who is married to Ned Rocknroll is now ready to end their four-year long relationship. Yes, according to the industry news, Kate Winslet is ready to take divorce with Ned for being too immature.

There is also a news that Ned is taking advantage of Kate’s Hollywood status and brand name.

As per the Kate, she is now trying to focus on her family and also on her career and because of that she is not ready to deal with her husband Ned who doesn’t want to grow up.

There is one other news came from a trusted person who is very close to Kate that, Ned act like a small kid but Kate aspect from him to be a matured person, and that’s the real reason why she is taking this decision that she is not going to continue her marriage anymore. She is very busy doing the shooting for 3-4 films continuously and aspect Ned to help her or at least the family, but Ned does not care about it and sits back to the home.

Well, when somebody has a wife like Kate, he will surely think why I should worry when my wife is doing all for me.

We should wish good luck for Ned !!

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