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SEO and Blog Commenting

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blog commenting is definitely the best and safest way to rank your website. The thing to remember is the fact that even before the introduction of Penguin, utilizing blog comments for link building only offered value if the blog/website was credible (meaning it contained unique and quality content) and if it offered true "do-follow" links (versus "no follow" links), since these are the only links that offer link juice that will get noticed by Google.

What Blog Comments Can Do For You-

In SEO, there is no specific formula to succeed. You need a variety, and most importantly, you need to work with a legit and reliable method. One such method is Blog Commenting.
The secret to this is networking. With blog commenting, your website will appear to have more connections and better networking. You will be gaining more exposure and more link juices coming from various high authority blogs.

SEO and Blog Commenting-

SEO has truly evolved through the years. Gone are the days when spamming your site with automated blog comments, and blasting thousands of backlinks to your site was enough to rank. Search Engines have become smarter and stricter when it comes to SEO.
These rules still apply more than ever in order to obtain any SEO benefit, but there's a handful of new best practices to abide by to avoid making these links work against you.

Always Choose Relevant Sites-

Forget the days of hunting down any and every blog that accepts comments. To avoid being seen as a link pirate, stick with blogs/websites that are relevant to your business and industry, if your intention is to build a backlink. For example, your manufacturing business shouldn't be posting comments on a home cooking blog just because it gets a boatload of traffic. Besides, as I'll explain further down below, your comment needs to relevant and helpful to other readers.

Comments should be Thoughtful & Purposeful-

As a admin of many blogs , I can't tell you how many times per week we receive bogus, thoughtless and spammy comments from individuals looking to nab a backlink from us. These comments don't result in anything since we delete them before they ever appear on our blog page. If you want to avoid being seen as a spammer and having your comment deleted, be prepared to add to the conversation with a thoughtful and purposeful comment. This not only ensures a better chance of having the blog manager post your comment but you then look credible to others who read the blog, which can sometimes lead to referral traffic to your own site.

Limit of Your Links-

The last but not least important blog commenting best practice is to limit the number of links you place in your comment. In my opinion you should keep it to one link, which on most blogs is satisfied when they ask for your URL as you enter your name and comment. In some cases if you have another valuable blog/article of your own that could add to the topic of discussion, this would be acceptable to incorporate – but refrain from throwing in a blatant keyword for your link text. Not only does this decrease your chances of having your comment approved but could also be flagged by Google.

At last,
Relying on blog comments alone as a link building tactic won't work as well as it used to pre-Penguin but there's still some value to this approach. Depending on the blog's credibility and handout of "do-follow" links, you can pick-up some added link juice that will in return improve your SEO. Follow these guidelines outlined above and you'll make better use of your time and avoid causing harm to your site's credibility.

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