Social Media Techniques for Businesses

Social Media Techniques for Businesses

Social Media
Organizations seeking to adopt social media techniques need to invest in the tools and technologies to enable collaboration and communication on their own network. In a high security IT environment, tweeting on Twitter may not be an acceptable practice as communication across the Internet is uncontrolled. However, installing a blog on the intranet or hosting a podcast can be easily achieved using a variety of open-source or commercial packages.

Before considering adding a social media campaign to your enterprise project, the team should consider the resources required to make it successful. In a traditional change management initiative, a project team member is responsible for leading change management. On large-scale programs, change management is a work stream tracked within the program and is staffed accordingly. If project teams are investing in a team to create newsletters, posters and facilitate change management lunch and learns, then they should also consider adding social media to their tool kit. I look forward to hearing how you've been able to tweet, blog and podcast your projects to future success!

As social networks and their potential value to a business are becoming apparent, marketing professionals should have a solid knowledge of social media and more importantly social media marketing. Simply having a grasp on how to post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or another platform is not sufficient. Marketing professionals need to understand how to integrate social into marketing strategies.

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