Don't go on her cute face, She has a great body then all of you !!

World's cutest powerlifter on the Earth : Julia Vins

Julia Vins Pics

Guys and girls, get ready to see the powerful body behind this cute face of this girl. She is Julia Vins, 20-year-old Russia powerlifter. 
She has started the gym in 2012 and as per her own word " that time was so fruitful for this great achievement". 

This amazingly beautiful girl was born on 21st May, 1996 in Russia. Before starting the gym, she was also like every other girl around her and she felt that she had to protect herself to feel confident and much powerful and that's how she started visiting the gym. Julia has been doing powerlifting since September 2012 and still working towards her perfect body. 
Let's check out her awesome cute as well as toned body pics from the web.


(Pic Source- Insta)

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