Sania Mirza's sister wedding fun with Parineeti Chopra, Salman, Arjun and Farah Khan.

Watch “Kala Chashma” dance moves of Sania Mirza & Parineeti Chopra !!

On November 17th was a good day for Bollywood as well as for the sports in India as our very own Sania Mirza celebrated her sister’s marriage with many friends and family. Now you will ask what’s there for the Bollywood?

So, friends, the celebration was joined by our many Bollywood celebrates including Arjun Kapoor, Salman Khan, Parineeti Chopra, Farah khan.

While the celebration was at its peak, our very excited Parneeti Chopra couldn’t resist herself from sharing the updates from the event live on snap chat.

As per the news, it’s very exciting moment for her as Sania is a very close friend of Parneeti Chopra and we can see that all are enjoying a lot in the wedding.

So let’s watch the video shared by Parineeti Chopra with Farah Khan and other Bollywood celebrity enjoying in Sania Mirza’s sister wedding.

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