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YouTube GO App an Offline App which lets users to Download and Shares Videos faster

YouTube GO App
YouTube GO App
Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Tuesday it would roll out a mobile YouTube application designed for India, boosting the search company’s presence in a burgeoning market with spotty Internet access. Since the fall, Google has been conducting extensive tests in India of YouTube Go, which allows users to save videos to watch offline and monitor their data usage. A beta version of the app has been released in the Google Play Store in India, and will be released in other emerging markets later, company executives said in an interview. Google is hosting some events in Udaipur in the upcoming weeks to get more insights from users about the app. YouTube Go is only launching in India for now; the app will support English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, and Malayalam languages.

YouTube GO app, which will allow users in India download and share videos easily, is now available in beta version and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Google actually announced to launch this application in September but YouTube officials took some time before making available to the public. Actually, they postponed their launch because lots of testing, research and development were required to make this application as they came up finally with a lighter version of YouTube app giving users control saving more data and usage and making more flexible to work where Internet connections are not good.

YouTube Go App allows you to choose a variety of resolutions option for Streaming Online or for Saving Offline. You can’t save in HD or Full HD resolution (720p or 1080p). YouTube GO will also allow users to choose the amount of data they want to spend on a particular video.

YouTube Go App Home page is quite similar to Main YouTube app where you can browse through Recommended and trending Videos and similar options like subscribing to channels and liking the videos. Additionally, the beauty of this application is that you can get a preview of videos so that you can decide to watch it or saving it for offline viewing. There is a thumbnail of each video and when you click on it you can see the preview of that video which also helps in saving data.

YouTube Go App has the ability to share videos with friends nearby is one of the cool new features of the YouTube Go app. Users will be able to share videos with their friend without using any data. The app relies on WiFi direct for this data transfer, and you’ll need to keep Bluetooth on to find friends via your phone. The videos will be shared straight from YouTube Go app, and of course, your friend will also need to have the app on their phone.

Silicon Valley has long regarded India, with its population of 1.3 billion people and poor connectivity, as a prime place to test products for emerging markets. But with 180 million mobile users in India and mobile watch time climbing 400 percent year over year, YouTube has strong momentum in India

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