If you read news on Social media, then this news is for You.

An Alarming Number Of People Rely On Social Media For News

Girl using Social Media
Girl using Social Media
This has never been more apparent than in recent weeks when the social network's been slammed for a supposed anti-conservative bias in its "Trending Topics," where popular news stories of the day are presented to readers. But 66 Percent people who have Facebook accounts use the site for news, Pew Research Center reported Thursday, and 64 percent of people who get news on social media say they get it only from one site -- "most commonly Facebook."

Most of the Social Media news consumers only get news on one site which includes 64% of the total Social Media users, 26% of Social Media news consumers get news on two sites and 10% of Social Media news consumers get news on three or more sites.

It's easy to believe that people are getting diverse perspectives when they see stories on Facebook. They are connected not just to many of their friends, but also to their friends of friends, interesting celebrities, and publications which people like.

But Facebook mostly shows what people will really be interested in. The social network pays attention to the user's people generally interact with, what your friends share and comment on, and overall reactions to a piece of content, lumping all of these factors into an algorithm that serves you items you're likely to engage with. It's a simple matter of business: Facebook wants you coming back, so it wants to show you things you'll enjoy.

Critics have alleged this helps form echo chambers. There's no better illustration of what that means than a recent Wall Street Journal interactive feature juxtaposing liberal and conservative News Feeds.

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