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Naam Shabana : Movie Review;

Naam Shabana Starcast
Naam Shabana Starcast
We often hear boys saying,” That girl is such a feminist”. But the point is when men are not there to stand for women, they themselves have to take bold steps in the society. The evidence of one of these bold steps is perfectly presented in the movie,” NAAM SHABANA”.
In our society, girls are always taught to be reserved, cultured and disciplined. These things are even taught to the boys of our society but they are born with the right to go against these rules. It is believed in our society that boys are like gold. They can never lose their value. However, a girls’ life is always like a toss. One side may be heaven while the other may be hell and the choice never depends upon the girl. The choice is based on men. Girls always lead a life under boys-firstly her father, then her husband and finally her son. Does she own a life for herself? There are some brave girls who dare to raise their voice against the dominance of boys but at the end of the day, we can see them fighting alone and lonely. No one supports them and they stand all by themselves. After seeing the pathetic condition of these people, even the other daring girls step back. The movie “NAAM SHABANA” presents a girl who dares to stand for her rights. She builds herself and fights for her revenge. She faces the obstacles in her way and completes her mission successfully.

The movie shows that when men have the guts to disrespect women, women also have the right to fight these men. Women empowerment is being discussed all over the world but followed by not even half of the people of the world. Bollywood, however, is playing a very strong role nowadays in raising a voice in favour of women empowerment. The increase in the rate of production of these movies is a stepping stone towards success.
“NAAM SHABANA” is a candle which is lighting up the modern society. These types of movies should be made for the betterment and development of society.

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