Top 10 Unknown Facts About Google

  Top 10 Unknown Facts About Google

Top 10 Unknown Facts About Google
Top 10 Unknown Facts About Google

1. You don’t know HTML and still want to create a web page!!
Well, the same thing happened to Google founders, they didn’t know HTML that’s why they have created a simple Google home page

2. Are you good at English grammar or spellings!!
When you try to enter anything in Google search and try to hit the button, you have noticed that if you have entered the wrong query or the wrong spelling, Google will help you to correct it by showing, did you mean this.
You will be amazed to know that, after introducing this feature, Google query got doubled !!

3. Have you ever used the button I am feeling lucky.?
If not, don’t think you are out of the crowd because that button is nearly never used by Googles user, but somehow Google feels that removing that button will bring down the user experience that why they are not removing it.

4. How many were using Orkut.??
Well if you don’t know what Orkut is, it’s the social networking site before these new Facebook and all. Now you will be amazed to know that, it was also a product of Google.

5. Need to translate in any language ?
Have you ever faced a problem translating one language with any other? Well, google has the biggest network of translators in the whole world. So, next time when you try to translate something, I suggest you to once go through the google.

6. How doesn’t know Google.??
If I say that the word Google is a spelling mistake made by their own founders !! Yes, it's true, Google founder first decided to name it “Googol” but because of a spelling mistake we recognize it now as Google.

7. What does the Google employee are called??
You might be thinking did I read it right.!! Yes, they also have a name specific to them. Like the Google old employees are called Googlers and the new once are called Nooglers.

8. Google is acquiring on an average of a company from last 6 years. You can also say that they are God of accusation.

9. Can Google make errors.??
Of course. The Google homepage has 25-28 validation kind of errors and almost 4-5 warning. You don’t believe it? Just check it here

10. Okay and the last one is “Today is Google’s 18th birthday". You can see their birthday doodle by checking google homepage.

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