Rakhi Sawant make sense when she asked this !!

Super Hot Rakhi Sawant make sense when she asked this !!

Hot Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant

Gone those days when Rakhi used to get a huge publicity doing something different and bold among all the other actress. If you talk about kissing publicity or creating her own social party for the election. You will always find something or the other which makes her a sensation around the Bollywood.
Rakhi Sawant
Recently she tried to make a taunt on Sofia Hayat by commenting on her social media pic, where Sofia is trying to pose in her hot outfit.

Rakhi commented, “What happened to you dear Sofia, you are not a mother anymore”. Now technically it makes sense when she asked this question because we all know that Sofia is claiming to be a nun. Now if you were in place of Rakhi, you should have asked the same question right.??

Anyways will inform you all later what Sofia replied to it. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check her pics here ;)

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