Facebook & it's effectiveness !!

Facebook and it's Effects on Digital Marketing

Yesterday I was reading one blog related to social media, that how much it’s effective?? You don't believe that who is talking about the Social media blog or article is himself not is in Facebook. He is talking about Facebook strategy but he is not using Facebook. In this way if we think then it’s very foolish!! But if we think in deep manner than some of the other way it’s fine. The reason is not very much true but in my point of view now a day’s the Facebook is just a fun. We can't use it as a professional way. If you are thinking to be a professional in Facebook than you are in wrong place because it’s not for the professionals but it’s just for the fun. Now coming to the effectiveness than we can say everybody can get so many likes in Facebook but did they convert those like into sales??? Whatever strategy we will apply our last aim is to get sales. We may say that Facebook can educate people but that’s also not very effectively. You can take your example only, think last time when in Facebook you have clicked on any add.??? The answer I can guess more probably that you don’t remember and this is the reality of all of us. So how many you can think that Facebook is very effective as a marketing point of view.???

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