Top 5 signs that you're addicted to social media

Top 5 signs that you're addicted to social media

Social media addiction
Social Media Addiction
No doubts that it's a digital world and social media is the top of it. There are many types of research done from last 2-3 years with respect to the positive and negative impact of social media with respect to human behavior and tendency.

When we say about positive effects, it's all about the social interface with the different type of people around the world, business, and social popularity, but when it come to negative effect it has lost of personal as well as professional effects.
So today we are going to show you top 10 signs of social media addiction.

1. Food pics sharing on social accounts-
If you went to a restaurant and ordered a great dish, after it arrives in front of your table, the first thing you do is to take an awesome snap of the food and post it on Instagram or Fb or anywhere else. Researchers say that its a type of addiction which is common in most of the young generation nowadays.

2. First thing when you wake up-
If you wake up with a great relaxing sleep from your bed and the first thing you do as soon as you wake up is to check your mobile's social notifications defines that you are very much addicted to the social media.

3. You tend to forget your friend's names-
It has been a great day for you as you met an awesome person today at Twitter but after few days you can't even remember its Twitter handle name!

4. Repeatedly checking your mobile after posting any photo or post-
You clicked an awesome pic or you have posted a nice status, but after posting it you can't even leave your mobile for half an hour, even if you want to go to loo, you check your mobile before going and after coming from loo, it shows that you are totally addicted to social media.

5. You get surprised when somebody asks you, how was your weekend.?
It's a Monday morning and one of your social media friends asks you about your weekends, and you get surprised saying that, dude have you not checked my updated when I posted that "I am going to Mumbai? I even shared some photos"!.

There is lot more points and situation which can assure that you are very addicted to social media. So from next time you do so, don't forget that you got this information from FunnyClasses.com.
Social media addiction
Social media addiction

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